Actually, It Should Be the Responsibility of Government to Abolish Worker Exploitation through Enforcing Employment Education (Rebuttal)


It is the government’s responsibility to provide the basic human right of education, as both employees and employers do not necessarily have the expertise or resources to enforce awareness on complex business such as employment law.

Employment law education should be the responsibility of government because, in the long run, it will save government both money and time in taking dishonest employers to court. That is, if every employee becomes educated, it is far less likely that they will be taken advantage of, which means there will be less need for costly investigations. The authoritative position of government in formalizing knowledge on employment rights, would lessen ambiguity and uncertainty around employment knowledge, that otherwise currently exists within Aotearoa society. Employers would no longer be able to pervert ambiguity and uncertainty as the mechanism to exploiting their workers.

Government does not need to spend huge amounts of money and time on educating the workforce on employment law. There are many lower-cost, lower-effort ways to getting the message out. Free online/correspondence courses and printed material are some examples of ways to enforce education, as opposed to the stigma of education as being limited to only expensive options. The social cost (repercussions) of not educating the workforce of their rights is much higher than the economic cost of providing people with, in the least, a simple understanding of their rights.


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