It is Our Responsibility to Educate Ourselves, Not the Government’s (Counter-claim)


There are better priorities for taxpayer money than being used for enforcement of employment education.

The idea of mandatory employment education, in itself, somewhat dismisses government’s commitment to eliminating worker exploitation. Government are already committed to worker exploitation, as they spend large amounts of time and money to bringing those who break the law to justice.

The responsibility of employment education should not fall on government just because there may be some in society who believe that the government should enforce this education.
 It should be the responsibility of every employee him/herself to be aware of their own rights, and equally the responsibility of employers to be aware the rights of their employees, not rely on government to instigate the necessity for educative awareness. The government already provides many useful resources for those who are willing to educate themselves. Anyone who is too lazy to do their own research, opens themselves up to exploitation. This lack of self-initiative has nothing to do with government.


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