Employment Law Education Brings Social Unity By Creating a Culture Where We Stand Up for Each Other


Being educated on employment law means that workers will not tolerate ill treatment at the hands of their employers. Workers will then understand what the law does and does not allow, for example being paid below minimum wage is unlawful. When we understand our own rights, we are forced to take notice of each others’ situations—putting ourselves in each others’ shoes. In doing so, we stand up for each other and become a formidable force for change. When society has many numbers of people standing up for things they believe in, there is a powerful sense of unity. The culture of society changes from apathetic and distant to empathetic and close-relational.

When education is valued as important, we then are able to acknowledge the deeper issues in society, like the rampant nature of worker exploitation. We want to take pride in our nation’s multiculturalism, but we cannot do so when groups within our society are being taken advantage of. As a society, if we allow certain groups of people to fall through the cracks, then we are failing as a society. The measure of a society is in how it treats its most vulnerable. Having mandatory education in employment law will ensure an empathetic and close-relational society that stands up for each other and lets no-one fall into exploitative activity.


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