Lack of Education is the Root Cause of Worker Exploitation


If you look at the people in society who are most likely to be taken advantage of in an employment situation, they are often migrants who do not have good (if any) knowledge of Aotearoa’s employment laws. Migrants are often not aware of the protections that the law has in employment and, consequently, they are unlikely to seek independent advice that would otherwise bring awareness to them. Even when migrants feel that their employer is treating them unfairly, they do not speak out for fear of losing their job. However, according to employment law, no one can lose their job for speaking out about illegal activity.

If an employer seeks to exploit they will generally hire people that are uneducated in relation to their rights, as this means employers are much less likely to get caught. However, if all employees were required to be educated, it would take away the power that dishonest employers have to trap workers into unfair situations. No educated person would put up with being illegally used by their employer!

An employee who is educated of their rights will have no fear in whistle-blowing illegal activity. The fact that we see so much migrant exploitation proves that lack of education allows exploitation to thrive. Making employment education mandatory will result in worker exploitation being removed from Aotearoa.


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