Education in employment law should be mandatory in Aotearoa


Knowledge on employment law is lacking in the workforce of Aotearoa. Namely, lack of knowledge encourages worker exploitation because the legal rights of employees are open to exploitation. It should be imperative that employment rights, according to New Zealand laws, be communicated to everyone engaged in work.


5 thoughts on “Education in employment law should be mandatory in Aotearoa”

  1. Hi Josh,
    I like your claim that people should have knowledge and be educated on employment law. It should be requirement to have at least some awareness of employment law if you are in the workforce. I completely agree with your claims, especially your claim about employees knowing things that directly affect them. It seems almost unfair if you have a job yet do not know anything about it other than the fact that you work there. Things like privacy or rights in the workplace are things that a lot of people do not know. Your introduction is clearly written and very easy to read. It gets your point across very well.


  2. Thanks Shayen,
    I appreciate the praise/feedback on this Intro and my chosen claims.
    Yes, it’s concerning to know that employees do not know of their legal rights, which otherwise directly affect them in the workplace. To think back on all my employment experiences, virtually none of my workmates (even myself at the time) knew of their legal rights. Making this kind of education mandatory would allow all employees in NZ to know of their legal rights, as well as employers.


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