Main Claim: Education in employment law should be mandatory in Aotearoa.

Premise/Sub-Claim: Lack of education is the root cause of worker exploitation.
Education in employment law is a human right.
Premise/Sub-Claim: Employment law education brings social unity by creating a culture where we stand up for each other.

Counter-Claim: It is our responsibility to educate ourselves, not the government’s.

Rebuttal: Actually, it should be the responsibility of government to abolish worker exploitation through enforcing employment education .

Conclusion: affirmation of Education in employment law should be mandatory in Aotearoa.


3 thoughts on “Plan”

  1. Sorry, just worked out how the page works – so will try and write clearer comment. So choose your best premises/claims and work on those 3. Ensure that one feeds into the other, and that they are not just organized as you think of them. Counter claims – some of them don’t work, it may come as a shock, but employers are highly trained in employment law, in fact there are law firms out there that train employers on how not to get stung, and write water tight contracts so they don’t end up “loosing”. We can talk about some of these tomorrow as they will change depending on what premises etc you choose.


    1. Thanks Antonella, for the feedback.
      Based on experience in working at a large company, employers being trained in the rights of their employees is not necessarily true. For example, I have had experience where no-one at the company, including workmates, managers, and HR people, knew of employee rights. In fact these rights came as a surprise. The opinions that countered employee rights were based on opinion, and my focus for my argument is on facts.


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